Blessed Sacrament ~ Greenbush, Minnesota

Serving St. Edward ~ Karlstad + St. Joseph ~ Middle River

Pastor Fr. George Noel

All visitors are invited

to worship with us…


Blessed Sacrament  Greenbush

St. Edward    Karlstad

St. Joseph  

Middle River




 Religious Education (RE) Schedule March & April 2018



April 28                       First Communion at Blessed Sacrament

April 29                       First Communion at St. Edward and St. Joseph’s

May 12                        Senior Sunday Honoring our High School Graduates: 5:00pm Mass at Blessed                                   Sacrament. Fellowship supper to follow served by the Junior Class members and their                                   parents.

May 20                        Senior Sunday Honoring our High School Graduates: 11:30am Mass at St.                                   Edward’s

--- Summer Break --

























Mass Schedule

February 4, 2018 - May 27, 2018



5:00pm Saturday + Blessed Sacrament, Greenbush


8:00am Sunday + Blessed Sacrament

9:45am Sunday + St. Joseph, Middle River

11:30am + St. Edward, Karlstad

Holy Day Masses

  Will be posted on this page

Opportunities to receive the Sacrament of

Reconciliation this Lent.

 Every Saturday

3:45-4:45 at BSC

At any of the Parishes by appointment

by calling Fr George 218-289-1735