Blessed Sacrament ~ Greenbush, Minnesota

Serving St. Edward ~ Karlstad + St. Joseph ~ Middle River

Pastor Fr. Luis Buitron



  Blessed Sacrament ~

Saturday half hour before Mass


St. Edward & St. Joseph ~

Half hour before Mass

Call the parish office for

personal times of reconciliation





All visitors

are invited

to worship

with us…

Blessed Sacrament  Greenbush

St. Edward    Karlstad

St. Joseph   Middle River




Text Box: Weekend Mass Schedule   
5:00pm + Blessed Sacrament + Greenbush

8:00am + St. Joseph + Middle River
9:45am + Blessed Sacrament + Greenbush
11:30am + St. Edward + Karlstad



February 22nd First Sunday of Lent

For the courage and grace to love as Christ loves,

and by bearing witness to the Truth, may others may come to know and see Christ in our world; We pray to the Lord:




“Every Christian is called to work for the common good and against the evils and injustices of their day. We all are called to witness to life in whatever job and setting God places us.”

Life Matters: Call to Greatness 2012 USCCB Respect Life Program


“Our culture … has become hardened to many who cry out. We idolize the strong and beautiful and tend to disregard the weak and imperfect. In our own lives, have we been programmed not to call for help ourselves or to look past those who do?”

Learning to Cry, Life Issues Forum, December

Text Box: Winter Weather Mass Cancelations

In case there is bad weather and week end 
Masses have to be canceled. Check the BSC 
Facebook page and  Flocknote notification as 
well as Channel 11 & Channel 8 TV and KTRF 
Radio.  If you hear that Mass is canceled call 
your family members in our parishes and 
pass the word. Note: If no travel is posted due 
to weather in our counties do not travel!


Readings for the week of February 23



Monday:           Lv 19:1-2,11-18               Mt 25:31-46

Tuesday:          Is 55:10-11                     Mt 6:7-15

Wednesday:    Jon 3:1-10                       Lk 11:29-32

Thursday:         Est C:12,14-16,23-25      Mt 7:7-12

Friday:              Ez 18:21-28                     Mt 5:20-26

Saturday:         Dt 26:19-19                   Mt 5:43-48

Sunday:  Second Sunday of Lent

   Genius 22:12,9a,10-13,15-18    Romans 8:31b-34 

                                     Mark 9:2-10